Environmental strategies to drive success in your retail store.

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Going Green. Adding $$$ To Your Bottom Line

Green isn’t just the color of money. In today’s retail marketplace, it’s also new WAY to make money for your store. This seminar introduces retailers to the Green Movement that is happening across the world today and teaches participants how their stores can capitalize on it to increase sales for their stores

  • What is "Green Movement?"
  • Trends in Green retailing
  • How to help your store go Green in 2009
  • How to find “green” manufacturers and suppliers for your store

Sustainability Sells. Green Your Retail Store To Prosper And Profit

Green is the new black in retail today. How can your store benefit from this new consumer thinking and profit from becoming eco-friendly? This seminar will explore the Greening of the retail landscape today and offer retailers tips and tactics to help their store capitalize. Seminar attendees will receive information on:

  • Understanding how to capitalize on environmentally conscious consumers in 2008 and beyond
  • From Mint to Forest Green Learn the 5 “shades of green” that can help your store become Greener
  • Driving “Green Movement” momentum as a component of their success going forward
  • Inform retailers on where and how to locate green manufacturers and suppliers

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