Capitalize in private label opportunities to increase profit margins and capture customer loyalty.

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Understanding The World Of Private Label-Learn How Your Store Can Profit

Independent retailers and manufacturers are faced with big challenges in today’s competitive marketplace. Price compression and increased competition can eat into your profits like never before. This workshop will explore what it means to produce private label product, what some of the mark up and margin benefits can mean to your business and it will show you how to get started. Learn how to get into the private label arena, establish what products should be sourced under a private label, and learn about resources for your business to call on to help source and produce your own brand. The seminar also focuses on how smaller manufacturers can use their excess capacity and production facilities to manufacture private label products and generate more revenue for their business.

Private Label: What Is It? Why Does Your Store Need To Do It?


  • What private label is and what it can do for your store
  • Discover the best way to Introduce and Integrate Private Label into your store product assortment
  • Learn how to use Private Label to create a differentiated product assortment for your store
  • Let private label enhance the overall brand building efforts for your store
  • Use Private Label build customer loyalty thru exclusive product offerings
  • Learn how private label can improve the profit potential of key categories and improve overall store gross margin levels

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