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20 Seconds To Wow And Win Attract And Engage Your Customers Dynamic Displays

Attracting customers to your store is hard enough in today’s challenging retail marketplace. Engaging shoppers and enticing them to stay and shop in your store is an even bigger challenge. Studies show that retailers have 20 seconds to “impress” their potential customers and entice them to shop. Are you making the most of these critical moments?

Learn how to improve your customers “first impression” of your store. From your logo, to your ad copy, to your website visual appeal, to the front door curb appeal and window displays, this seminar will offer take away tips to help improve your visual performance at every level. Key lessons will include:

  • 20 and out; how to use visual displays to attract and retain customers in less than 20 seconds
  • Look and Touch; how to use interactive visual displays to showcase products effectively and help build positive customer encounters at your store

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