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Open To Buy Services

CBCG offers a broad selection of open to buy inventory services to retailers. CBCG customizes every program to meet the needs of your retail business.

Why Choose CBCG To Manage Your Open To Buy?

  • 25 years experience creating and managing inventory plans for fortune 500 retailers, manufacturers and independent retailers across many product categories
  • CBCG experts understand the complexities involved in OTB planning
  • CBCG can quickly adjust (weekly, if necessary) OTB plans and recommendations to meet consumer and sales trends
  • Increase profit potential quickly- see results this season
  • CBCG are experts at creating model stock plans for all your inventory needs - this leads to an immediate reduction in inventory expenses and accelerated inventory turnover
  • Experts at vendor negotiations (shipping, discounts, return to vendor and markdown $) -which can help improve profitability for your store

What Open To Buy Program Should You Choose?

CBCG OTB Programs are customized for every client. Choose from a comprehensive OTB management program or retail monitoring of the work you do. Whatever your business needs, CBCG has an OTB program that is right for your business:

  • Monthly Open To Buy Management - CBCG will create an OTB program unique to your business's needs and help your management implement an effective annual OTB. CBCG will update the OTB monthly to and maximize every sales opportunity possible while minimizing inventory investments. OTB programs can be run on your computer system or ours.
  • Monthly Monitoring And Review - If you choose, we can review your own OTB program on a monthly basis. Based on our retail expertise and analysis, we will provide recommendations to drive sales and flow inventory appropriately resulting in increased turn, improved gross margins and profits.
  • Phone Or Email Consultation - This option works well for buyers requiring a second opinion on the data presented. Send us your OTB and we'll make recommendations based on the information provided.

Contact CBCG to schedule your open to buy consultation today info@cbc-group.net 617-437-9191