Sales & profit improvement for the short and long term.

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How We Help

CBCG collaborates with clients, developing strategies that deliver incremental sales and profits. CBCG leverages years of retail experience to help improve your businesses’ retail performance and deliver results quickly and professionally.

Creation and innovation are the key factors in our business solution process. Our proactive approach to your future growth and development needs allow you to spend time doing what you are meant to do. Run your business and run it well.

How can we help you and your business?

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Drive Profitable Sales Growth

  • Long term strategic planning and annual budget development
  • Customer profitably assessment, segmentation and marketing strategy development
  • Operational capabilities assessment
  • Vendor profitability review and product portfolio reconfiguration

Expand Market Share Opportunities

  • Revenue generating marketing program development
  • In-store merchandising review and recommendations
  • Pricing strategy and program development
  • Social media strategy development and implementation

Optimize Inventory Investments

  • Systematic inventory planning and management programs
  • Seasonal open-to-buy creation and management services
  • Initiation of category planning strategies and inventory turnover accelerator program
  • Vendor management and negotiation services

Finance and Accounting Services

  • Cash flow diagnostic
  • Activity based costing analysis and lean management operational assessment
  • Accounting, payroll and bookkeeping services
  • Business valuation assessment
  • Business plan and loan application assessment and guidance

Simplify Supply Chain

  • Business complexity management diagnostic
  • Lean manufacturing and value optimization
  • Distribution strategy development and network analysis
  • Procurement strategy development, supplier selection and negotiation

Our extensive hands-on, practical retail experience can help solve problems by offering creative and innovative solutions to help your business achieve its’ optimal performance potential. We provide superior customer service and partnership en route to delivering next generation ideas and solutions that will help your business prosper and grow.